Indoor training as exciting as playing X-Box (or PS4, you decide)

If you don´t believe it you don´t know Zwift. It is similar to a video game but powered by pedaling and it is a definitive complement to real world training (In fact, it is more of a simulator than a game). See this introductory video (link) or check out my latest training session on Strava (link). [para ler em Português clique aqui]


I got my first trainer in 2013 and during 1 whole year i probably used it, at most, 6 times. That was really boring, even considering this was an interactive smart trainer, the Wahoo Kickr. I decided to sell it and even took some pictures to place an add, but it was when I found out a program which was being developed called Zwift. I asked to participate in the beta version and received a link to download the program. The rest is history, I went crazy, it is basically an interactive video game which will actually make your legs burn! Now I am a regular user of the trainer.

So, what do I need to start using Zwift?

  • a bike,
  • a compatible trainer (there is a list in Zwift´s site – I listed a few examples below),
  • an ANT+ dongle (comes with some Garmin products, or it can be purchased separately) and,
  • the Zwift program.

The program evolved and now  a U$10 monthly payment is required, I believe it is well worth it. There are two courses in alternate days, one in Richmond (VA), circuit of the World Championships won by Peter Sagan in 2015, the other is Watopia, an island with a mixed course of 9.2km. There are also training modes and the possibility and controlling the program via smartphone, iPhone or Android.

<>, <zwift youtube channel>


Some compatible brands are (please see details in Zwift´s website): Wahoo Kickr, Bkool, Cycleops (phantom 3 and 5, powerbean pro), Elite, Kinectic Inride, Lemond Wattbox, Racermate, Realryder, Tacx, Wattbike, and others.

Rainy days or crazy days where you have no time to go out? excuses are over, now you have Zwift to train. On the contrary, you will wait anxiously to leave work and go home to Zwift. Be aware of your schedules and excitement, your neighbours might not be so crazy about the sound of the trainer!!!

GCN versus Jens Voigt no Zwift

GCN competindo em Richmond no Zwift

Controles Avançados para o Zwift

*** this is not an sponsored site

*** Featured Image from Zwift institutional video


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