Homemade Yogurt – fast, easy, good for you

Making you own food is up there with the most satisfying things in life, so give it a shot, making yogurt is fast and simple, it is a great source of protein pre and post training, and there is no additives and inflammatory ingredients. You will need 2 ingredients: milk and a fermenting starter culture.


  • 1 liter of milk (I prefer whole organic milk)
  • 1 pack of starter culture (I use the BioRich brand with L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and S. Thermophilus)
>> for more on starter cultures i found a great article: <http://www.culturesforhealth.com/choosing-a-yogurt-starter-culture>



Use an sterilized recipient to place the ingredients, a glass jar or ceramic bowl will do.
(a) Start-off with 1 liter of cold milk…
(b) Reserve 500ml and warm-up the other 500ml until 90ºC (before it boils).
(c) Mix up the cold with the warm milk, that way you will have milk at around 40ºC, which is ideal for the culture to ferment the milk.
(d) Mix the culture in the milk
(e) Close the recipient and leave it at room temperature in a dark place for 6 hours.
(f) After that, take it to the refrigerator and after cool you are ready to enjoy a delicious homemade yogurt – that easy!
When I am ready to eat my yogurt I enjoy it with lemon, brown sugar and honey… yummy!!!
Another awesome idea is to add sprouted seeds and grains to it. I have been adding sprouted quinoa lately.

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