Race Day Checklist and Tips

la foto (11)The Race Day Check List

First suggestion is that you assemble everything you are going to need for the race before start packing. I like to take a Picture so I can have a visual check in race morning and also it helps if once I have packed everything I suddenly become doubtful if I remembered my goggles, for example, I dont have to go through all the bag to check, i can simply go to the pic (check out the pics above and below)

Ok, so starting of


  • tri suit (or shorts, or core clothing)
  • gps watch (i use a garmin, set for race mode [multisport function])
  • heart rate strap
  • chip provided by the organization (chip strap is usually provide, but I Always take one with me)
  • swimming goggles and cap (cap usually provided by the organization)
  • nutrition for just before start: a malto\carbo gel and water
  • vaseline for friction áreas – essential when swimming in salt water, anti-chaffing cream – apply in neck, arms and legs to facilitate taking off wetsuit.
  • sunscreen
  • wetsuit if its the case (if you are allowed to use it, use it)
  • compression apparel (if it is the case)


  • bike ready to go (tire pressure, gearing tested, brakes and wheels inspected, bike fit ok, numbers provided are in place, think about the gear you want to start and how you will put on your bike shoes)
  • nutrition for the bike (remember to understand where and how will nutrition be available during the course). I usually take one gel for when hoping on the bike and a bottle of Accelerate for olimpic distance races, and more gels and one bottle of Endurox for half Ironman distance.
  • helmet (Always put the helmet on before getting your bike, never take your helmet off while in the bike)
  • visors, glasses
  • bike shoes ready to go
  • compression apparel (if it is the case)
  • remember to verify before hand if the number belt is compulsory for the bike leg or if you only need it for the run leg.
  • for long distance you should have a change of tire and CO2 cartriges


  • Racing shoes ready to go (vaseline and talc to avoid blisters, socks if you prefer [for olimpic distance I go without socks, for long distance I wear them], elastic shoe laces ok)
  • visors or glasses (if you are not using the same worn on the bike)
  • hat
  • number belt
  • nutrition (i usually have one gel for olimpic races, 3 for half iron distance)


  • race day nutrition should be tested during traning.
  • during your long weekend traning sessions try to eat what you expect to eat race day.
  • have fun: all the hard work should be done in traning, race day is the opportunity to seeze the day and collect the fruit of all time and effort dedicated to that.
  • be very familiar with how you watch (garmin or other) Works on race mode.
  • study the course (ask others, look for pictures, look for Strava segments, ride or run around the course prior to race day). Know what to expect in terms of altimetry, wind, humidity and heat.
  • Once knowing the course, plan your splits at a reasonable target – know at least what time you want to finish the swim, the bike, 1/2 the run, the full race.
  • know your sweet spot heart rate.
  • practice the transitions – you will gain importante time if you have this down.
  • look for visual clues of where your transition area is: flags, trees, tends [just please make sure these clues are unique!!]

Bookmark this site for your pre-race reading and please drop me a note (on ‘contact’) if you want to give anyfeedback or add suggestions!! ride on!

la foto (12)

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